Based on global warming, decline of existing energy resources, exponential population growth, increasing geopolitical instabilities which are the result of uncertainty of the future energy supply, together with the fact that buildings represent about 40% of total energy consumption worldwide leads to a conclusion that a good architecture is not possible without a good energy concept.


    The buildings represent the bigger part of one of the biggest problem of our society - fair distribution of available resources. Therefore architecture can be a big part of the solution. Never before in the history of our civilization architecture had such a chance to gain one of the central roles in the society. Good architecture is always representing the expression of the cultural values, priorities and hopes of a society. Now it can produce a physical response for the existential challenges.


    A sustainable development by definition cannot get along with the decay in architectural quality of our built environment. A building with low architectural quality and good energy concept is not an actual benefit for a sustainable future. The objective of research and teaching at the Institute is the maximization of energy performance of buildings and cities, and the development of architectural and urban projects through form and structure optimization toward energy efficiency.

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    Brian Cody



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    Project Assistant/Lector

    Sebastian Sautter



    Martin Schneebacher


    Student assistant


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    Monday - Friday, 09:00 - 12:00



    Aleksandar Tepavcevic

    consultation-hour - friday 11:00 - 12:00



    Alexandru Dan


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    Christiane Wermke



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Preliminary decisions for the acceptance of PhD. students.

The formal guidelines of TU Graz for the composition of the Dissertations must be complied. For any questions regarding this matter, please contact the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Architecture of TU Graz.


More info on tu4you.


A current CV and Portfolio must be submitted to the Institute of Buildings and Energy, in the Rechbauerstrasse 12, 8010 Graz.

Furthermore, an already elaborate Concept for the Dissertation will be required. This concept should consist of the following Parts:

-the individual background reasons for the chosen subject

-the first references

-published research findings in the field of reference

-the chosen methodology

-a rough time schedule in which the Dissertation will be completed.


Usually, the Dissertations in the Institute of Buildings and Energy deal with the following Subjects:

-Form Follows Energy

-Building Performance

-Energy Efficient Facades

-Energy Efficient Ventilation Concepts

-Urban Design and the impact on the Energy Performance


At the latest, after one year after the acceptance as a PhD candidate, a first article related to the chosen Subject must be published in a journal.

At the beginning of the Dissertation, a schedule will be created, agreed upon from both parties. A change of schedule is only possible after both parties are in agreement.


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